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Carolyn L. Seitz, KC



When there’s a lot at stake and emotions are high, clients turn to Carolyn Seitz for her extensive experience resolving complex family law disputes. Carolyn’s experience covers all areas of family law, including custody disputes, division of property, child and spousal support, matrimonial property, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and related estate planning needs. Business owners and high-net-worth families benefit from her in-depth understanding of corporate ownership structures and buy-out options and tax implications, and strategies for addressing international assets and their impact on family law settlements.

Carolyn listens carefully to clients and actively involves them in the dispute resolution process. No matter how fraught and emotional the conflict, Carolyn remains focused on her clients’ long-term best interests. She dedicates her time to and seeking out opportunities that will bring about a successful resolution and allow her clients to rebuild and move on.

Clients take great confidence from Carolyn’s guidance and carefully considered assessments of their dispute, the options available and the potential outcomes at each phase of the proceedings. She is pragmatic and committed to delivering realistic solutions that can move a dispute towards resolution. Regarded by clients and opposing counsel as ‘tough but fair’, Carolyn is always prepared and represent her clients in trial if negotiations and mediation do not result in a satisfactory outcome.

When she isn’t dedicating her time to family law cases, Carolyn is active in the Family Law Subsection of the Canadian Bar Association, a Law Society Mentor, and a Child Support Resolution Officer. She has also been a lecturer at the University of Alberta and for 10 years was an instructor for the Parenting After Separation courses. Born into a military family, Carolyn settled in Alberta after living in different parts of Canada and Europe. In her personal time, Carolyn loves sports and the outdoors, including skiing and golfing – she also loves to cook, read, and travel.
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