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Diane C. Ferrante



Diane C. Ferrante is a partner in our litigation group with a focus on family law and insurance and risk management. She is co-leader of the insurance and risk management practice group and in that realm of her practice has worked on files defending claims relating to professional negligence, property damage, fire loss and personal injury.

In her family law practice, Diane has been involved in matters through mediation, collaborative divorce and within the court system through litigation addressing issues such as child support, decision-making, parenting time, mobility, division of property, and spousal and partner support claims.

As a trained mediator, Diane proactively focuses her practice on mediating family disputes between parties in an effort to guide them to a resolution outside of the court system, if possible. Recognizing the unique benefits of mediation, Diane firmly believes it to be the optimal pathway for families. Mediation not only facilitates open communication, understanding, and cooperative decision-making but also ensures a more cost-effective and efficient resolution process for families navigating complex legal matters. Diane's commitment to mediation is underscored by her completion of an extensive course on Mediation of Family and Divorce Conflicts through the Legal Education Society of Alberta.

As a trained collaborative family lawyer, Diane actively engages with the collaborative team in every phase of the settlement process, taking on the roles of educator, advisor, and advocate for her clients. She supports clients in cultivating their interests, effectively expressing them, comprehending information and legal analyses, exploring various options, and communicating adeptly throughout negotiations. Diane is a registered member of several organizations, including the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), the Association of Collaborative Family Professionals (Edmonton) (ACFP), and the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association (CDAA). Those exploring Collaborative Divorce can find valuable insights on the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association’s website.

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In Diane's Own Words:

"Early on in my practice I learned that the area of family law was riddled with hurdles that required individuals to have competent, practical and understandable legal guidance to work through their issues. Over the last 15 years, I have worked with individuals in their family’s restructuring process and continued to educate myself on alternative avenues to help clients find resolution outside of court such that they are in control of their own destinies and have a say as to what their new normal is going to look like. A relationship breakdown is traumatic for everyone involved and I provide my clients with advice and recommendations that focus on the best interests of the family unit first and foremost within the parameters of the legislation to which families are bound by."

If you are searching for a skilled lawyer to navigate your family disputes, Diane's extensive knowledge in mediation, collaborative divorce, and family law litigation offers a valuable pathway to resolutions tailored to your family's unique needs.

Diane has appeared before all levels of Court in Alberta and has taken part in a number of different alternative dispute resolution processes to assist her clients in reaching a solution to their matter. She also has experience as counsel in a public inquiry that spanned several months.

After completing her articles at Duncan Craig LLP, Diane was admitted to the Alberta Bar in September 2008. She became a partner in January 2015. Currently, she is serving on the firm's Management Executive Committee and acts as the firm's Diversity Officer through the Law Society of Alberta's Justicia initiative.
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