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We help Albertans who have suffered serious and life changing injuries secure the compensation and the future they deserve. Whether you have been in a car accident or have suffered a traumatic brain injury, our lawyers are here to help. Let our team's extensive experience, focus and personal attention help you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. You may not see us advertising on TV or on bus shelters, but every day, the dedicated personal injury lawyers at Duncan Craig LLP are working hard to improve the future for people who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries.

When someone is injured, the settlement with the insurance company is the one and only chance victims have to secure compensation for medical and treatment costs, loss of income and earnings capacity, and for their pain and suffering. It is a responsibility our personal injury lawyers take very seriously. To ensure we deliver only the very best service possible we limit the number of cases we take on at a given time. Our focus on serious and catastrophic claims provides us with the knowledge needed to understand complex medical issues, the ability to accurately assess claims to determine the appropriate compensation and the legal skills needed to take on any insurance company not willing to offer a fair settlement.

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When we take on a new file, our clients know they will benefit from the combined 60+ years' experience of two of our Edmonton lawyers, Stewart Baker and Patrick Feehan, the leaders of our personal injury group. Each lawyer in our personal injury group works hard to ensure they are always available to advise clients with any aspect of their claim and application for benefits. Our clients take comfort knowing that one lawyer will lead their claim from the moment a file is opened until the day all the benefits have been received.

Our philosophy when representing someone who has suffered a serious injury is simple. We will do all that it takes to make sure they get treated fairly by the insurance company and receive all the compensation and benefits they deserve. While we do everything we can to help our clients settle their claim with the insurance company quickly, it often takes time to fully understand what long-term treatments and living assistance victims of serious and catastrophic injuries will require. We focus on reaching the right settlement, not the quick settlement. We do not back down from disputes with an insurer nor will we settle early for an unjust award. We are always prepared to take a claim to trial if the insurer is not offering fair compensation.

Our insistence on fair treatment for our clients from insurers extends to how we treat our clients. Our fees are always reasonable compared to other firms and we take on most personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you do not receive compensation for your injury, we do not charge any legal fees.

Before hiring a lawyer to represent you, speak with one of our injury lawyers to find out how we can help. When the stakes are high you need a serious lawyer, backed by one of the oldest and most respected law firms in Edmonton since 1894.

Serious lawyers for serious injuries.

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