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Greg Miskie

Chief Operating Officer Lawyer


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Greg Miskie is the firm’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and a practicing lawyer. As COO, he establishes strategic direction for all aspects of the firm’s operations, including human resources, information systems, accounting and finance, and marketing. He actively supports client relationships, strategic planning and numerous areas of employee and community engagement.

As a lawyer, Greg is very interested in what he describes as “everyday law”, the areas of law that regular people will often require legal support with. Of these, the areas that he personally provides legal support with include Estate Planning (Wills), Real Estate and Business law. To Greg, making law accessible to everyday people requires adjusting to everyday needs and preferences. To him this means providing useful knowledge in a variety of mediums, convenient meeting times and locations, predictable pricing and excellent customer service. You can access some of this through his social media handle @friendlynlawyer.

From an experience point of view, Greg has assisted athletic associations, a variety of not-for-profit organizations, entrepreneurial cake designers and custom mechanics as well as many normal everyday people.

Greg comes from small town, big family roots and community is a significant part of Greg's life, both inside and outside of the law firm. He helped create the firm’s community giving committee as well as the Duncan Craig Community Fund which helps support a diverse range of Edmonton not-for-profits chosen annually by firm members. Greg volunteers with the Christmas Bureau as well as the Hope Mission and a variety of initiatives in his community Summerside.

In his spare time, Greg spends a lot of time with his busy young family, acts mostly as a labourer for household projects, dabbles in vegetarianism, collects hats and plays recreational sports.
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