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Our Business Solutions Group handles the complete legal needs of Edmonton's business owners. Rolling up our sleeves to help Edmonton businesses prosper is a big part of our firm's long tradition. Today, that commitment is as strong as ever. Our business lawyers are focused on working with the business owners, innovators and risk takers that put all they have on the line to pursue a business goal.

We work with business owners at all stages of their businesses' existence across the diverse range of sectors that make up the Alberta economy. Over the decades, through boom and busts, our clients have always known that the lawyers at Duncan Craig LLP will do all they can to support and help their business. Being entrusted to help business owners pursue their goals and having the opportunity to work alongside them is a privilege our lawyers do not take for granted. We strive to be as committed to our clients as they are to their businesses.

When business owners choose Duncan Craig LLP lawyers they are accessing a team capable of handling all the legal issues involved with running a business including commercial real estate, intellectual property, employment law, trademarks, banking, finance and dispute resolution. Our estate planning capabilities allow us to ensure each business is structured in a manner that will minimize the business's and owner's personal tax obligations.

Starting a Business
When starting a business, we work with our clients to establish the most appropriate business structure. To protect the business, we ensure that the terms of a relationship with partners, vendors and customers are enforceable and we assist clients with drafting proper shareholder and commercial agreements. Our lawyers take the same safe approach to protect our client's intellectual property and other important assets.

Expanding a Business
To help develop and grow a business, we assist clients with the reorganization of their corporate structure, engage in effective tax planning, assist with commercial contracts, joint venture and licensing agreements and strategic business acquisitions. We also assist clients looking to secure financing through banks, venture capital or private equity.

Selling a Business
When a client is looking to end or transition out of a business, we help them prepare their business for sale, negotiate the terms, transition their interest to their business partners or to properly succeed the business to a family member.

Contact us today for no obligation chat about your business objectives and how our team of lawyers can help make your goals a reality.

Sending a message to our firm will not automatically make you a client of our firm. Until we have agreed to represent you, anything you send us will not be confidential or privileged. Before we can represent you, we must first take you through our conflict of interest procedure and then put you in touch with the lawyer best suited to handle your matter.

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