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Intellectual Property and Technology law

Our intellectual property group spans the breadth of the firm and includes lawyers with extensive experience in a wide variety of business activities. We help you maximize your business potential - whether you are a technology based business, an individual innovator, an entity operating in a traditional field with a fresh approach or something in-between. We combine core legal expertise in the business context with an understanding of technology and intellectual property issues that modern businesses face. It enables us to provide creative solutions and effective services.

Experience working with clients in all stages of business means we can help you structure your business and operations for maximum flexibility and tax efficiency as you grow, use your intellectual property, expand and change.

Duncan Craig LLP is a registered Trademark Agent. Consider trademarking your brand and business as trademarks protect your brand and business against infringement. Trademarks can also increase the value of your business. Contact us to help identify, strategize, protect, register, disseminate/monetize, assert rights, acquire and sell intellectual property assets.

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