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Employment Solutions

Managing its Human Resources is one of your company's greatest challenges. This is no surprise given the array of legal issues to be considered, ranging from drug and alcohol testing, human rights, #metoo movement, privacy rights, occupational health and safety, employment standards, drafting effective employment contracts, to protecting your business using enforceable non-competition and non-solicitation agreements.

Our employment lawyers have the skill, knowledge and experience to provide you with the tools your company needs to avoid problems before they arise and to strategically handle them after they occur.


A. The "HR Audit"

Many of our clients have grown rapidly from small and humble beginnings, and now find themselves running a sizable operation. As their business grows so does their need for resources such as employment contracts, policies, non-competition and confidentiality agreements.

To better position our clients to meet the growing challenges that come with success, our employment lawyers provide what we call, the "HR Audit". We review our clients' Human Resources documentation with a view to putting in place the necessary paper to create an efficient, safe and consistent employment environment, and to protect the business from illegal and unfair competition. We will determine what tools are right for your company and put them in place.

B. HR Lawyers on Demand

Employment law is complex and constantly evolving. Keeping up with HR compliance while managing your employees can be expensive and time consuming. That is why we have introduced the HR Lawyers on Demand subscription service. This subscription gives you fast and accurate employment law advice, customizable employment documents with a flat fee for easy budgeting and planning.

C. Succession Planning

Many of our employer clients were founded by baby boomers who are now set to retire and want to pass on the business to family members and key employees. Two keys to the successful turnover of a business is ensuring there is an appropriate structure in place for the transaction, and that key employees are signed to appropriate contracts providing sufficient incentive for them to perform while protecting the business from unfair competition.

Our employment lawyers, in tandem with our business and estate lawyers, working in conjunction with trusted accounting firms, will work to ensure that your business is ready for succession when the time comes.

D. Scope of Services

The scope of services provided by our employment lawyers is quite broad and includes:

  The "HR Audit"
  HR Lawyers on Demand
  Strategic succession planning
  Litigation services
  Human Rights
  Occupational Health and Safety
  Strategic planning on Asset and Share Purchase Agreements
  Drafting Employee and Independent Contractor Agreements
  Drafting Employment Policies
  Advice on hiring and termination procedures
  Advice on Employment Standards issues, WCB matters, Privacy Law and the Canada Labour Code
  Providing advice to our Aboriginal clients that meets both their cultural and legal concerns
  Arbitration and Mediation

Our clients have observed that our employment lawyers are down to earth, practical and easy to talk to. We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify complex issues and to provide advice in real time to help guide employers through problems as they unfold.

As your trusted advisor and business partner, our employment lawyers are always just a phone call or email away.

Jarin Myskiw


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