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Surface Rights

Any oil, gas or energy transmission developer must come to a negotiated agreement with the owners and occupants of the land that they would like to develop. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, upon application, the Surface Rights Board will make orders granting entry with specific terms and conditions and determine the appropriate level of compensation the owners of the land should be paid. A surface rights agreement should provide for a fair compromise between both parties, both with respect to compensation and your respective rights.

Duncan Craig LLP has a long history of representing organizations who are engaged in the development of large energy transmission projects. We also have decades of experience representing farmers and other land owners affected by the oil and gas industry. We have extensive experience before the Surface Rights Board and are able to efficiently guide a claim through this sometimes difficult process. Our acquired knowledge and experience on both sides of typical surface rights negotiations puts Duncan Craig LLP in a position to offer the comprehensive and creative legal solutions needed to quickly resolve the surface rights issues that you or your organization might face.

John A. Kosolowski, KC


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