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Commercial Litigation

For more than a century, our no-nonsense approach has helped Edmonton's business owners resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

Most businesses, large and small, become embroiled in a dispute at some point. When they arise, these disputes have the potential to turn into protracted and costly litigation which can distract business owners from essential day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning. The commercial litigation lawyers at Duncan Craig LLP work directly with business owners to protect their interest from the moment a potential conflict appears on the horizon. We focus on pursuing a fair and practical solution that will resolve the conflict cost-effectively. We do not believe in pursuing gamesmanship and we stand tough against tactics by opposing parties that do not move the conflict towards a suitable and efficient resolution.

When business owners are involved in a conflict that threatens their business it is inevitably personal. Our clients can count on us to bring the same commitment, determination and focus to protecting and defending their business as they use in building their business. If you are involved in a commercial dispute, our team of experienced business law litigators will help you resolve:

  Breach of representations & warranties conflicts
  Breach of sales contract
  Commercial contract disputes with suppliers and customers
  Director and officers liability claims
  Distribution and licensing disputes
  Disputes over performance quality of goods or services
  Franchise disputes
  Joint-venture disputes
  Partnership disputes
  Service level disputes
  Shareholder disputes

If a suitable resolution cannot be reached our team of litigators are always prepared to take a matter to trial. Our lawyers have appeared at all levels of Court including the Provincial Court, Court of Queen's Bench and the Court of Appeal of Alberta as well as the Federal Court and Supreme Court of Canada.

The commercial litigators at Duncan Craig LLP work closely with other colleagues in specialized areas of business conflict including debt recovery & foreclosures, employment law, insolvency & restructuring, real estate & construction litigation and intellectual property. Together, we provide businesses with a complete set of skills and experienced needed to effectively manage and resolve any business dispute.

If you are facing a potential business dispute or believe you have a claim to make, please contact our team of commercial litigation lawyers for a consultation. We will help you assess the case and advise on appropriate steps to take to protect your business and reputation.

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